Thursday, November 7, 2013

Collaborative Zine Project

 For years I've been creating strange shapes as a kind of stream-of-consciousness activity while I'm trying to brainstorm a project or assignment, while taking notes in various classes, or while talking on the phone. Sometimes these doodles take shape and become a recognizeable object, while mostly they remain ambiguous inkblots in which each person sees something else. 
Yearning for a collaborative project, I have decided to invite others, including complete strangers, to submit a phrase, idea, or word for me to ruminate on and then create one of these drawings. Give me inspiration!

I request that submissions be made to this blogpost, in the form of a comment. I'm allowing anonymous comments for the purposes of this collaboration, so those without Google or Blogger accounts may participate.

 The zine will be an open edition creation, ranging from 20-30 pages, depending on the response to my call for submissions. Those whose submissions I select will receive a free copy of the zine, while the submission I deem "most enjoyable" will also be placed in the coveted "centerfold" position of the zine.
 As an added bonus, contributors whose submissions are chosen will recieve a copy of the zine with a hand-embroidered cover if they also follow this blog.
 Deadline for submissions is December 31st at midnight. The zines will finished and sent to contributors at the beginning of February, 2014.


  1. Biddle Grand Master gets real

  2. FiRstly- don't forget cute-staff duckling theatre - Secondly- butt cannon.

  3. here's a few:
    morrissey's ego, tail feathers, urkel's wedgie, gelfling/skeksies baby